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Morley - IAS Intelligent Thermal Detector


  • Dual thermistors

  • Rate-of-rise fixed temperature and high fixed temperature models

  • Common base for optical, ionisation and thermal sensors

  • Addressable-analogue communication

  • Stable communication technique with noise immunity

  • Low stand-by current

  • Rotary decade 01 to 99 address switches

  • Remote LED output as standard

  • Dual LED design provides 360 viewing angle

  • Visible LEDs blink every time the detector is addressed (optional), and illuminate steady on alarm

  • Built-in functional test switch activated by external magnet

  • Optional relay, isolator, or sounder bases

The Morley-IAS range of intelligent thermal detectors are used with the ZX series intelligent multi protocol fire alarm control panels to measure thermal levels caused by a fire and report the analogue level of the thermal measurement to the control panel. The use of analogue information provides significant benefits to the end user, installer and serviceman in ways which are not possible with a conventional type system. Since this detector is also addressable, it will help to quickly locate a fire during its early stages.

The MI-FHSE and MI-HTSE are fixed temperature analogue addressable sensors employing low mass thermistors and microprocessor technology for fast response and linear temperature sensing. Their linear response allows these sensors to be used to signal temperatures over the range of 58C (Class A1S) to 78C (Class BS).

The MI-RHSE uses the same thermistor and microprocessor technology to provide an alarm when the rate of rise in temperature exceeds 10C/minute (typical) or if the temperature exceeds a threshold of 58C (Response Class A1R).

All of the thermal detectors have two integral alarm LEDs which provide local visual indication of the sensor status. These LEDs provide a dual function. In the event on an alarm, they are switched ON continuously, and can also be programmed to either blink when polled by the panel or remain off during normal conditions.

Data Sheet


Dimensions (Height): 51 mm installed in B501
Weight: 170 gr. (6 oz)
Operating temperature: - 10C to 60C
Humidity: 10% to 93% non-condensing
Compatible bases: B501,B524IEFT, B524RLY


Operating voltage: 15 to 32 Vdc
Alarm Current (LED on): 7mA maximum
Stand by current: 200 A maximum
Terminals: SEMS screws with clamping plates for upto 2.5 mm2 (13 AWG) wire


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